Walk-through Aviary 

The walk-through aviary is adjoined to the kangaroo exhibit in the Australian Outback.  The aviary exhibits over 20 Cockatiels, which are native to Australia, in a free-flighted environment.  Guests are invited in and have the option to feed the birds a millet stick.  Millet is a favorite snack item of these small birds, and the birds may even land on the feeders' hand!  Included in the aviary are 2 completely enclosed exhibits for Poppy, the zoo's Umbrella Cockatoo, and Wedgie, the Moluccan Cockatoo.  The Aviary will be open to the public seasonally, as temperatures are appropriate for the cockatiel flock.

Moluccan CockatooCockatielsGrey CockatielUmbrella Cockatoo

Fossil Find Dinosaur Head

Fossil Find

Fossil Find is a place where children can channel their inner paleontologist and dig for dinosaur bones and learn about the discovery of prehistoric animals, while adults are able to take a seat and rest and relax.


Wetland Experience

The Wetland Experience, opened in spring of 2006, is a natural wetland ecosystem with plants and fish native to Michigan wetlands. With an underwater viewing area, a crawl-through "beaver dam", and a beautiful waterfall, this is truly an up-close and personal wetland experience. 

Campbell DuckSwedish DuckScuba diver cleaning glass in underwater viewing areaWetland Experience