Living, Learning Lab

The Living, Learning Lab offers interactive, hands-on learning experiences that are curriculum centered to third-grade classrooms. A new spin on formal education, classes come to the zoo to participate in a variety of themed activities focused on Michigan GLCES, Common Core Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards including math, science, and language arts. The program runs 1 to 5 days and is taught in our classroom by the education staff at the Children’s Zoo. The classroom features state of the art technology including an interactive white board, microscopes, and Quizdom testing system. The Living, Learning Lab runs November through March, with select dates still available.

Living Learning Lab  Living Learning Lab

Currently, the only cost for the program is busing to and from the zoo! 


Please check back around late August or early September for a registration form for the 2017-2018 school year.


If you are a teacher or parent who is interested in finding out more about this program or how your student(s) can be a part of it, please contact Sierra at  or call (989) 759-1408.

Current programs:

Scavenger Hunt & Animal Journaling:  

Students complete a scavenger hunt and tour around the zoo. Later, they participate in scientific observations and create a journal about their observations and inferences. 

Parasites, Pathogens and Pills:

Students get a behind the scenes look into what keeps our animals happy and healthy! They have the opportunity to “step into the boots of a zookeeper” and complete daily keeper tasks. 

Metrics on the Menu:

Focusing primarily on what the animals at the zoo eat, students are able to tour the commissary and participate in animal diet preparation. 

Animal Adaptations:

Analyze and identify adaptations that animals have which help them to survive. Students will observe live animals and animal biofacts in their investigation. 

Enrichment Engineers:

Learn about habitat and exhibits while helping the Zoo Keepers solve poblems by putting your engineering skills to work.  Problem solving and critical thinking skills are the focus of this hands-on module.

National and State Standards by Program